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Success Stories

Visual and Instructional Design

I worked with solo entrepreneur Flora Bowley to develop, implement, and market a wide range of physical and virtual products and assets, including multiple robust online courses for her international virtual community.

I led graphic design, web design, product development, project management, marketing strategy, UX research, and co-hosted zoom calls so that Flora could focus on content creation and facilitation.

Client: Flora Bowley


Project: FREE FLO Creative Community 

Role: Visual Designer, Instructional Designer, UX and Marketing Strategist

Problem: In a post-pandemic world, students are struggling with a lack of community and inspiration, as well as feeling overwhelmed and burnt out from stress and social media, and having trouble making time for art.​

Goal: To create a simple, accessible online community to support students in making their artwork, connecting with one another, and staying inspired.

Outcome: 600+ students registered, generating over $200,000 in revenue in the first 7 months.

Client: Flora Bowley


Project: REUNITE Virtual Retreat 

Role: Visual Designer, Instructional Designer, Marketing strategist

Problem: Flora Bowley wanted to translate her signature five-day in-person retreat into a virtual workshop to accommodate students around the world, while retaining the feeling of an intimate, immersive experience.

Goal: To create an aesthetically beautiful, affordable, and easy-to-use experience for students no matter where they are in the world to learn, paint, and connect with each other across time zones.

Outcome: 1,300+ students registered, generating over $220,000 in revenue.

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Client: Flora Bowley

Project: Fresh Paint Online Course

Role: Visual Designer, Marketing Strategist

Problem: Artist Flora Bowley has taught her painting process to thousands of students internationally for the past decade. She found many students were copying her style and imagery instead of innovating their own, resulting in work that was derivative and lacking in originality.​

Goal: To create an online course focused entirely on finding your own style.

Outcome: 2,500+ students registered, leading to over $400,000 in revenue. The Fresh Paint online course was also turned into a book, published by Quarry Books.

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Client: Flora Bowley

Project: Real Time Live Online Course

Role: Visual Designer, Instructional Designer, Marketing Strategist

Problem: After creating multiple large-production, in-depth online courses, Flora Bowley wanted to create a simple subscription program that was easy to produce, and could upcycle previously created content into a new package for intermediate students who wanted to stay inspired and continue their painting practice in a supportive community.​

Goal: To create a course series that was filmed and streamed live and included upcycled bonus content, available to monthly subscribers.

Outcome: 5,500 purchases, leading to over $110,000 in revenue.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Client: A selection of projects I designed for various clients, organizations, and schools including Marybeth Bonfiglio, Kundalini Co-op, and the University of Arizona.

Role: Visual Designer

Project: To create visual media to communicate important information to students, while being visually appealing and staying true to the unique branding of each organization.

Outcome: Posters and fillable and printable PDF workbooks custom designed for each client.

Product Design and Signage

Client: Whole Foods Market

Role: Graphic Artist

Project: To design and create original assets for the new Whole Foods location in Tigard, Oregon.

Outcome: A successful and visually sumptuous opening of the new Whole Foods Market Greenway store in Tigard, Oregon, which continues to thrive to this day. In addition, I designed an award-winning reusable shopping bag that was sold in stores throughout the United States and Canada.

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