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Project: REUNITE Virtual Retreat

Role: Visual Designer, Instructional Designer, Marketing strategist, Co-Faciliator

Problem: Portland-based art teacher is wanting to translate her signature five-day immersive retreat into the virtual space for students from around the world to enjoy, while retaining the feeling of an intimate, in-person experience.

Goal: To create an aesthetically beautiful, inspiring, and easy-to-use experience for students no matter where they are in the world to learn, paint, and connect with each other across time zones.

Solution: A robust virtual art retreat experience with unique elements, including:

  • A facilitated five-day virtual retreat experience.

  • Sixty professionally filmed and edited pre-recorded workshop videos, leading participants through the painting process step-by-step.

  • Ten real students that were auditioned and filmed live in the studio.

  • Eight live Zoom calls, staggered at different times to accommodate diverse time zones. A  place to ask specific questions about the process, receive one-on-one feedback on their work, and connect with fellow students.


  • Downloadable PDF transcripts of all pre-recorded videos, for added accessibility for non-english speakers to translate and others who may have difficulty understanding verbal content. 

  • A gentle yoga class and multiple dance videos to get student's bodies ready to paint.

  • Six music playlists to paint along to.

  • Thirty days of wellness course leading up to the retreat, including creative prompts, movement inspiration, meditations, recipes, and more.

  • A 24-hour Zoom Room open studio to connect with fellow artists from around the world during the five-day retreat.

  • Instructions on how to transform any space in your home into a painting studio.

  • A complete downloadable PDF guide to paints, colors, and supplies.

  • A private Facebook community that will live on past the event.

  • Access to all the course content for a year, so students could revisit the courses even after the retreat was over.

Outcome: 1,300+ students registered, leading to over $220,000 in revenue.

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REUNITE course day two sneak peek
Month of Wellness sneak peek
REUNITE Day two schedule sneak peek
REUNITE Retreat menu sneak peek
Month of Wellness Week One Sneak Peek
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"The best virtual retreat I could imagine. It was well done, and done with left and right brain planning! The videos were fab, the instructions were well done, the zoom calls were FUN and meaningful and the love that everyone felt, well that was just the best!" - Nancy S.


"The take home message was that it was the most transformative experience I’ve ever had with regards to my art and art practice.  So freeing and fun!!  Got me outside of my perfection box and comfort zone and unleashed a freedom I didn’t know was in me. Truly this was the most amazing experience ever!  The videos made it feel like I was right there in person at the retreat.  I don’t know how you were able to do that, but you did!!" - Tamara S.

"Wonderful experience! Very professionally done and such a great learning experience. Great for both first time and experienced painters alike. You will love Flora and her team! The month of wellness and the filming of an in-person workshop. It really was the next best thing to being there. As this pandemic has made it so hard to travel and be in groups, watching others experience the workshop in your studio elevated it above just a zoom call/video of lessons. Love the playlists and dancing and yoga breaks too." - Phyllis S.

"Lifechanging - more than what you would ever expect from a painting course, let alone an online painting course. I was hesitant to pay for an online workshop but got more than I expected and will sign up for other classes." - Leilani P.

"Thank you Flora and Tina for the most amazing creative journey. I feel energised, refreshed, and truly nourished. Thank you so much for re-igniting my creative flow." - Danielle C.

"It was exciting, invigorating, the first online course I've taken and didn't feel like I was at home on my own. I'd like to thank Flora and Tina for such a fabulous course, it's given me so much confidence and I've finally realized I do have my own style which came as quite a shock - a very welcome one." - Jayne P.

"If you are new to painting, you will get a ton of information to get you started, have a lot of fun and will allow you to keep painting for a long time. If you have experience, you will learn to let go and enjoy the process, it gets you in tune with your body, heart and soul. I have taken a lot of Flora's online courses and this is THE BEST one!" - Sonia G.

"The retreat was a unique opportunity to connect with other creative souls all over the world in real-time. In this day and age, that is a real treasure. Flora and team have created high-quality digital content and did an excellent job facilitating live sessions. I enjoyed the breakout rooms in the daily retreat calls. The videos are very high-quality and the exercises were really fun." Romana C.

"An amazing painting retreat that is more than just painting.  It is a time to set aside to truly nourish yourself on so many levels, supported by all the days of wellness, an entire community of beautiful people from around the world, and of course, Flora and Tina. After such a long, hard, solitary, and confusing year with so much grief all around us, it was truly magical and a soul-feeding respite.I've been to many, none online, none like this. Truly I was blown away and still am)" - Beth A.

"An incredible journey to the inner depths of my soul. Being held & guided by Flora and Tina, not feeling alone through the process.  Everything was so well thought out & explained.  Mostly the gentle loving way I was guided through the process."  - Catherine D.

"An amazing interactive online retreat experience, including painting, wellness, community. A treasure box filled with beautiful insights, techniques, recipes, movement, conversations… so much to discover, try and explore. Reunite was so much more than I had imagined. Thank you and your team so much for this experience and all your thoughtful work, openness and generosity!" - Vera U.

"The most incredible painting experience you'll ever find online." - Frances F.

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