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Project: Fresh Paint Online Course

Role: Visual Designer, Marketing Strategist

Problem: Internationally renowned art teacher, Flora Bowley, has taught her intuitive painting process to thousands of students for the past decade, but has found that many students were not only using the techniques but copying her style and imagery, resulting in work that was derivative and lacking in originality.

Goal: To create an online course focused entirely on finding your own style and unique creative voice.


Solution: A collaboration with local artist Lynzee Lynx to create a unique online course dedicated to experimentation and development of the artistic voice.

  • Over thirty professional videos featuring mixed-media art exercises, leading student through the creation of 100 paintings from start-to-finish. All videos are created in Flora’s Portland studio using the highest quality equipment, three camera angles, professional sound, and lighting.


  • Original audio files featuring original meditations and movement prompts to help students tune in with themselves.


  • Live Studio Sessions with Flora and Lynx where they answer questions, offer additional support, and create together.


  • Full-length interviews with other professional artists.


  • Seven inspiring “series” of prompts offering unique ways to approach your paintings.

  • A private Facebook group to stay conected to fellow students from across the world.


  • A Spotify playlist with art-making songs.


  • An online art sale for students of Fresh Paint to sell their work at the end of the course. 

Outcome: 2,500+ students registered, leading to over $400,000 in revenue. The Fresh Paint online course was also turned into a book, published by Quarry Books.


"I am a self-taught artist mostly learning from e-courses. Fresh Paint was definitely the best one I have ever attended." - Zuzana F.

"Discovery, community, sharing, support and learning to be accountable to your creative soul!" - Allison D.

"Fresh paint course was educative, creative, encouraging, inspirational and heartfelt! I enjoyed every step of it, I pushed my boundaries, stepped out of my comfort zone and made wonderful discoveries. A 100 paintings really make sense, it did miracles for me and I could not have been more grateful for all offerings included in this course." - Vlatka B.

"This course has provided me with the knowledge that I am an artist. This is a HUGE experience for me!" - Karin W.

"Fresh Paint is an immersion into paint and art that unleashes your inner creator in a wild, playful and joyous ride! Nothing fearful, pretentious or precious in this course. Just fun, creativity and experimentation leading to lovely results!"– Julia B.

“I think I figured out my style! HUGE!" - Fresh Paint Participant

"I have to share with you that I absolutely loved Fresh Paint. It is one of the best online art courses I have ever signed up for. (and I've signed up for a ton." - Fresh Paint Participant

"This course is such a great value for what is offered. All the videos, expertise, inspiration and prompts. A gem for sure." - Fresh Paint Participant

"Each series was so thoughtfully and playfully presented. All the content was super fresh, fun and approachable. The "Color and Pattern" was my favorite." - Fresh Paint Participant

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